Hi folks. This is the September 2018 monthly post which contains the monthly reports for the SAME and 1050 HZ tone test alerts for Weatheradio Canada, as I have them. As for what to report, all you have to do is report: the transmitter and its call sign and frequency, alert test and time. For example: Toronto XMJ225 (RWT) 11:54 AM local. You can send reports directly to me here in the comments or you can email me at wxrnewsletter@gmail.com. You can also contact me through the NOAA Weather Radio and Weatheradio Canada Facebook group to report as well. Of course, if you are my friend or follower on Facebook or Twitter you can report using direct messages as well. Of course, you will also receive credit in the next post for your reports too. Also, when you submit your reports to me, please leave the SAME header codes on the WX radios. They are difficult to decode because of all those letters and numbers. Not everyone has done this but there are people who forget that not everyone knows how to read them. The point of the newsletter and the blog is to put the information in plain language so everyone will understand it. If you wish to put it on a Facebook post, that’s fine but be sure that everyone can understand everything beint written. I have had to decode posts from some people, who forget that not everyone knows what a bunch of z’s mean, in decoding a weather alert. Perhaps I will probably have something about the codes in the next issue of the newsletter. Anyway, let’s get on with the SAME test reports. Shal we?

Monthly SAME and 1050 HZ Tone Test Reports for August 2018

SAME and 1050 Hz tone test report for September 5th 2018

Halifax (XLK 473) (162.550 MHz.) (RWT) 11:49 AM ADT, (RMT) 12:18 PM ADT, Toronto (XMJ225 162.400 MHz.) (RWT) 11:54 AM, (RMT) 11:59 AM, (1050 TONE) 11:59 AM EDT.

SAME Test report for September 12th 2018

Toronto (XMJ225 162.400 MHz.) (RWT) 11:54 AM EDT.

SAME Test Report For September 19th 2018

St Catharines VAD320 (162.475 MHz) (RWT) 11:52 AM EDT, Toronto (XMJ225 162.400 MHz.) (RWT) 11:54 AM EDT.

SAME Test report for September 26th 2018

Halifax (XLK 473) (162.550 MHz.) (RWT) 11:48 AM ADT, St Catharines VAD320 (162.475 MHz) (RWT) 11:52 AM EDT, Toronto (XMJ225 162.400 MHz.) (RWT) 11:54 AM local.

Note: after months of being awol, St Catharines VAD 320 has returned on September 14th. It is on FTP, as it has allerted at the usual time it used to sound the weekly and monthly tests, along with the 1050 Hz tone. Also, thanks to Brian Rodgers for his reports from Halifax, when possible.