Hi folks. I just received a post on Facebook about a friends Weather Radio being destroyed by leaky batteries, which have corroded and thus decided to leak its contents into the casing of the radio. I should also mention it was a portable model too. My guess is that he had non- rechargeable batteries in the radio for a while and I guess they must have become corrosive and thus, destroyed the unit.

I have always used rechargeable batteries in all my portable radios, whether they are two way or receiver models. Maybe that’s just me but I’ve also had experience with leaky batteries in another portable device, thanks to my older sister’s carelessness. It must have done something to disable use of the tape player and so, I had to go all summer Of 1984, without my music in stereo. I have since purchased 2 of the albums I had at that time on iTunes and now I can enjoy them as they were meant to be heard. I digress.

This is what I recommend if you experience what my friend has recently gone through. Get another of the same model and try not to use the non-rechargeable batteries or the battery pack, if it comes with it this time. Buy 3 four packs of Maha Powerex nickel metal hydride cells. If it is the model I am thinking of, it takes 3 aa cells and you will have 12 of them for your use. They also come in their own plastic transportable case, so you can keep better track of them. Next, buy a battery charger, preferably a Maha charger. Check out this link. http://radioworld.ca/c401fs-p-10970.html This charger should be a great help because you can charge up to 4 cells with it and you can either charge it fast or slow. I recommend slow because it will help with preserving the life of the cells.

Also, if you have questions on how NIMH batteries actually work, here is another link to help you. http://www.paulsfinest.com/Batteries-and-Chargers-FAQ.html I certainly learned a lot of important information, most of which I couldn’t use but I learned that charging the cells once a month, whether they need it or not is actually better for them, then actually leaving them alone and assuming that they will work when you need to use them. I recharge all my cells once a month and it is actually about that time of the month to do so.

I hope this helps if you ever have the same problem. If you have questions, just ask and I’ll try to answer them in a timely manner.